Unser Team

Meet the staff and employees of our small animal practice


Pia Beenen - Management / Vet

Pia Beenen

Pia Beenen Management / Vet
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Melanie Steiner - Vet

Melanie Steiner

Melanie Steiner Vet
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Kristin Koschinski - Vet

Kristin Koschinski

Kristin Koschinski Vet
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Medical staff

Jessica Forsch - Veterinary Assistant

Jessica Forsch

Jessica Forsch Veterinary Assistant
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Melanie Blank - Veterinary Assistant

Melanie Blank

Melanie Blank Veterinary Assistant
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Monique Danhuber-Wagner - Veterinary Assistant

Monique Danhuber-Wagner

Monique Danhuber-Wagner Veterinary Assistant
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Isabel Heller - Veterinary Assistant

Isabel Heller

Isabel Heller Veterinary Assistant
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Nicole Henkel - TFA

Nicole Henkel

Nicole Henkel TFA
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Sarah Gerns - Veterinary Assistant

Sarah Gerns

Sarah Gerns Veterinary Assistant
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Julia König - in training

Julia König

Julia König in training
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Emilia Simon - in training

Emilia Simon

Emilia Simon in training
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Julia Geißler - Registration

Julia Geißler

Julia Geißler Registration
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Natalia Kunz - in training

Natalia Kunz

Natalia Kunz in training
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